Super Fast websites

We build websites from the ground up with speed optimization in mind.
Every decision taken is thought on how it affects its speed and performance
All our new projetcs are tested through various tools and get over 80% score on Gtmetrix PageSpeed Score at launch2.

Follow up

We aim to build long term partnerships with our customers offering follow up programs to track results, keep websites healthy and provide our experience to generate creative solutions that fit your needs as technology evolves and your business grow.

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Prices valid until June 1st, 2020. Pricing does not include logo and image design, photography, nor website content.

1Source: Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share Worldwide

2We make our best efforts to obtain over 80% GTmetrix PageSpeed Score on New Plus and Premium websites at time of project delivery. However not every GTmetrix PageSpeed Score recommendation will apply to your page and we cannot guarantee the same results after the project’s delivery date as rules can change without notice as well as your website contents.

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